Getting Around

Car hire is available though we recommend that guests rent cars from the airport car rental firms. Taxis are available but expensive. We have assisted hitchhikers in this area as do many locals but it isn’t recommended.
Pick up from airport will be 1,300 Baht as will be the return journey to the airport.
Charges to and from the ferry are dependent on which port. The highest charge being 1,500 Baht (Meanam).
We will organise a rental car if requested for 1,300 Baht per day. It is best (financially) to rent your car at the airport from the international agencies there.
Individually designed tour trips can be organised for up to 12 people from 2,000 Baht half day to 4,000 Baht for the full day. Please note after the initial four persons every extra person is an extra 300 Baht.
If you prefer to organise your own transport around the island we will be happy to sit with you with a map guiding you on the best way to enjoy the island. Not everything on the island is listed and it can be part of the fun and adventure finding them.
Should you wish to book any transport or trips with third parties we will be able to arrange this for you.

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Local Information

Our holiday rentals are situated in an ideal hide-away, a very quiet area very close to 3 beautiful quiet beaches and the local village of Thong Krut. Thong Krut has over 30 restaurants and bars, runs regular snorkelling and sea orientated excursions as well as having local minimarts, all of which are within walking distance. The south of the island is also where most waterfalls, natural attractions are located and snorkelling trips take place.

  • 10-20 minutes walk: Thong Krut Village with many bars and restaurants as well as sea trips, Leam Sor Pagoda, Wat Kao Chedi (temple)
  • 15-25 minutes walk (alone the beach) or 5 minutes drive: Bang Kao Village and beach and has Saturday night walking street with live music
  • 15 minutes drive: Hua Thanon has a Chinese temple with giant bronze sculpture of Guan Au, Five Island beach and temple (great sunset), Namuang Waterfalls, Wat Khannuram (temple)
  • 20 minutes drive: Hin Ta Hin Yai, Nathon, Lamai
  • 30 minutes drive: Chaweng
Looking out to the Five Islands from the South of Samui
South Samui Thong Krut longtail fishing boats
Temple on the southern part of Koh Samui
Longtail boats Thong Krut
Hua Thanon Chinese Temple Guan Au Statue South Samui
Laem Sor Pagoda
At the southern 5 Islands kayaked from near Laem Sor Pagoda

Things To Do

People often ask us: “what can we do when we are spending 10 days in Samui?”

Depending on who is asking the question, I usually answer this question differently. Young couples coming on a honeymoon want to see and do different things than families with children or retirees.

In general; can you spend a 10 day holiday in Samui, without getting bored?
Absolutely, although I would personally prefer to lay down on the beach, enjoy a cocktail, read a book, go to have a massage and a good dinner in the evening, without doing to much else, some people want to be active when they are on holiday.

Boat Trip Koh Tan, Koh Mudsum

One of my personal favourites is going on a (private) boat-trip to Koh Tan, Koh Mudsum and the 5 islands. We organiseon a regular basis private boat trips to the islands near the south, south-west coast of Samui. On a holiday, I never wanted to get up at 7am, to catch an early pick-up bus, full of other tourists to go on a tour. If I would be able to do it on my own time schedule, without anyone constantly telling me what to do and when, then I would probably consider taking part in discovery tours.

Leaving around 11am, which is perfect for me. Then I can have my breakfast first and enjoy my coffee at my own pace. As a warm up (it can be hot being in the sun on the open sea), going around the 5 islands. These islands hold a mysterious and rarely seen phenomenon: the ancient craft of harvesting birds nests, the principal ingredient of making Chinese birds nest soup. So, no way of getting out of the boat and getting on the islands, but it is a nice view and for sure you can take some very nice pictures.

Now take me to Koh Tan, so, I can jump in the water, do some snorkeling and work on my tan a little bit. It is actually better then I have expected. The water is crystal clear, there is some nice coral around and loads of fish, wanting to see me as much as I wanting to see them. I even saw a few barracudas swimming by.

From all this swimming, we got hungry, so, our captain took us to the other side of Koh Tan to have lunch in a small local restaurant. I don’t know whether it was the sun, the swimming and snorkeling before, but the food tasted wonderful. Some of the best fried rice with sea food I had in a long time and only for a 100 Baht.

Feeling young and energetic again, we took off with the boat (idea was to go to Koh Mudsum). Saying thatI was actually having some fun with the tube,water-skiing is too difficult for me! The fun lasted for over an hour and not really wanting to go to koh Mudsum anymore, we decided to head for the snorkeling spot again. I stayed on the boat, had a beer and enjoyed the sun, while the other went in the water again.

It was past 4.00pm, we got back. The kids were sleeping on the boat. I was tired from all that swimming, water-fun and probably the cold beer in the sun as well.

This is one of my favorites to do on Samui. There is of course much more. Ourboat-trip cost about 6,000 Baht including refreshments.

Five Islands Romantic Sunset Trip

Take a romantic sunset trip on a Thai longtail boataround the famous “Five Islands” before coming to a rest between the islands and the sun. Sip on chilled champagne and enjoy some light bites as you watch one of the most majestic sunsets Asia has to offer. A truly magical experience for you and your loved one. After sunset the boat will slowly follow the shore line before making its way back to shore.

Na Muang Waterfall II

South Samui is where you will find Na Muang Waterfall I and II. Personaly I prefer Na Muang Waterfall II as it is higher up (about 80 meter). You will need to be in a fairly good condition to make it all the way up, but, if you can, it is absolutely worth it. The view is stunning.

Last time, I have been it was a sunny afternoon and a perfect day for a drive with the bikes. Don’t stop at the beginning of the road, where they try to sell you the tour. Its much more fun doing it yourself. Park your bike at the parking place, enjoy the monkeys and Elephants and start walking.

The first 300-400 meters is only slightly up, with some local huts selling food and drinks, but since you are only starting your trekking, you think you dont need the energy yet. This will quickly change though. Buy some water when the real trekking starts, because it is right up hill from here. The next 1-2KM up is tough. You will have plenty of spots to rest and enjoy the overwhelming nature and of course the waterfalls. A quick swim is always welcome.

Once you reach a coconut leave curtain and most tourist follow the path to the waterfall, just open it, go through it and start you real breath taking adventure. Its steep uphill from here. Reaching the top is worth it do. The only mistake we made, was not looking at the weather forecast, before heading off. Once up, we were caught in a typical Samui thunderstorm, with heavy rainfall, which made the trek down very interesting indeed.

Being completely soaked, exhausted, we headed off with our bikes, still in the pouring rain, back to take a shower, freshened up and straight off out to the restaurant to have a well deserved beer.

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About Us – Neaw & Stephen

We are a beach and island loving family with a young daughter. We both have extensive years experience in the hotel resort industry. We have been living and working in 5 star hotel management on Samui for over 10 years. We know the island, though as we have grown older the late night entertainment side is not our forte.

When staying at our holiday rentals we will be available to assist you with most of your needs. Upon arrival we will provide you with a smart phone with contact information and a direct contact line so you can get in touch with us anytime. We live less than five minutes from our holiday rentals.

Our favourite things are morning beach walks (as a family), food, reading, spas and playing (daughter). We are all nature lovers and live on the south of the island for that reason.

Whilst we enjoy the quiet we also love meeting new people, hospitality is in our blood so that’s what we do.

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