Our villa cleaning team have always held a high standard of cleaning and disinfection as can be seen from our reviews. However since the initial outbreak we have updated both our daily practice and our check out check in practises to ensure both the best cleanliness and safety practices for our guests and our staff.


All staff are supplied with and must wear the following at all times.

N95 breathing mask

Clear plastic full-face guard

Replaceable plastic gloves

Hand sanitizer

Single use sanitising cloths

Digital temperature checker

Start of work

All staff reports to the office to collect uniform and equipment. Subject to a temperature check each member of staff will head to the villa to be cleaned.

Staff will clean facemasks, change gloves and clean hands before entering a villa property.

Before you arrive

When a family leave the villa the following procedures are followed.

All external door and window handles are sprayed. As are any external light switches and touch areas using a recommended disinfecting agent.

After 10 minutes all doors and windows are opened. All linens and towels are removed. All internal light switches, door handles wall areas, bathrooms, kitchen areas, hard surfaces, furniture and fittings etc are sprayed with the recommended disinfectants. The villa is then left for a further 15 minutes.

The villa is then deep cleaned. Whipping down all surfaces and equipment with disinfectant. The kitchen area and kitchen equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected inside and out.

Beds are laid with fresh bedding and towels are placed.

Bottles of sanitising hand wash are refilled and placed by the sinks in all areas.
Complimentary N95 masks are placed in the villa as well as small portable bottles of hand sanitizer for people wishing to go out for the day

A final clean of all areas (including floor) with a natural homeopathic scented oil mix to remove any antiseptic smell. And the house is sealed for the next guest.

During your stay

As you know your villa is for your private use and no un-invited guests are allowed access. However we do provide cleaning services. So our cleaning staffs are trained to follow guidelines to ensure your stay is a clean and hygienic one.

Upon arrival a time for your regular villa cleaning shall be agreed so you can decide whether you wish to be at the villa or out for the day.

When arriving at the villa staff will place facemasks, clear plastic face guard and gloves and foot covers on feet..

Before entering they will ring the doorbell to see if you are there. If you are you may wish to remain in different room from cleaning staff (your choice).
Before entering they will sanitise their hands.

Should you wish they can show their current temperatures as all staff carry a digital thermometer.
During cleaning they will clean all surfaces with sanitising liquid. As each room is cleaned windows and doorways will be opened airing the room.
Bedding and towels will be changed with fresh bedding and towels that have been professionally cleaned. Before being sealed and stored for several days.

After completing house clean. External villa areas and grounds will then be cleaned and areas that are touched frequently will be sanitised, as will be bikes/ bicycles and the entrance to your private villa.

Upon leaving staff will change their gloves and clean mask in the recommended waybefore moving ontoany other property.